A man wants to buy a $2,000 house

A man wants to buy a $2,000 house

A man wants to buy a house, so he went to the sales office. Sales office staff hurried to meet: hello sir, what can I do for you? The man said: I would like to buy a vacation house, whose function is complete, convenient and comfortable, clean and tidy, and there must be a guest room. what... "Well, Sir, what's your budget?” “2000 dollars! And it must meet my needs!” The Sales office staff laughed in her face. She laughed at the gentleman that he should buy the house with 2000 dollars. Is he joking?

The answer is no! Perhaps it is impossible in the traditional concept for that high price performance ratio house, however, Mesco could help you fulfill your dream! 2000 dollars is enough to live in that house!

Yes, the container house! The advantages are as below:

1. Easy to install and transport

2. Could be turned into vacation houses, studios, public housing...

3. Standard size is W2.990*L6.055M*H2.896. Individual modular houses can be stacked vertically and horizontally

4. Mezzanine wallboard and roof can be customized according to requirements, such as Polystyrene,,rock wool, PIR and other fire retardant properties of the substrate. 

5. Own your favored house with a fraction of the price.


Mesco has a professional design team which could provide a layout design and installation guidance for you. For more details, please feel free to contact us. Hi 


Email: mescosteel@aliyun.com


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000 house

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